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  Operations Information at your Fingertips  

Links to sign up for topics are located below. Information from these topics can be delivered to your personal email or mobile device. After selecting the link, follow these steps to complete your subscription:

     1) Enter a valid email address or phone number, click "Confirm"

    2) Click "Finish"

    3) You will receive a confirmation of your subscription.

ROMS is an optional source of information and is available only to King County transit employees and select transit partners. Although the system is reliable, some text or email messages can be dropped for a variety of reasons. For board information you are still responsible for checking your assignment via the posted board or by phone if you do not receive it by a ROMS notification.
 Quick subscribe allows ROMS users to quickly subscribe and unsubscribe from Rail Operation's ever growing list of topics.


Click here for a list of all QR codes.

Thanks for signing up!

Questions about ROMS? Contact your Base Chief or Website Administrator at: 206-903-7332.

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