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Link Track Access Permitting

The goal of the Track Access Permit Process is to ensure safe working conditions for all work performed along the Right-of-Way, on any Link Controlled Property and in all Passenger Areas.

Mark your calendars!


Requests submitted on or after June 15th must be submitted via the Track Access website using Microsoft Forms.

The Monday 8am deadline does not change and requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to the work week you are requesting. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access a recorded demonstration of the new permit submittal process.



Attention: Facilities Power (electricians & FA-1) are in training thru June 16th and will have limited to no support available.
Permit submittals for the week of 6/19 are now closed. 

We are currently accepting permit submittals for the week of 6/26 and those requests are due no later than 8am on Monday 6/12.

Late requests are not typically accepted unless discussed with Track Access prior and proper justification has been provided.


Do not park in designated spaces at the OMF Central
Contractor/Visitor parking is only authorized in the south-end lot



Weekly Track Access Coordination Meeting


You must attend the Track Access Coordination meeting held each Wednesday at 1PM to represent your permit request for the following week (unless otherwise instructed by Track Access Staff). At this meeting, representatives from King County Metro (KCM), Sound Transit (ST), and all other groups requesting permits meet to review the upcoming week’s work and address any questions or conflicts. Failure to attend may result in the cancellation of your permit request. These meetings are being held virtually. Please see below for information on how to attend. Whenever possible, please use the link below to attend. This is preferable to calling in as information is shared onscreen during the meeting.

Next meeting: 06/07/23 @ 1pm

Click Here to Join the Weekly Track Access

Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-485-1387   United States, Seattle (Toll)

Conference ID: 887 969 077#


How can you be successful working with the Track Access process?

Click here to view a helpful presentation!

  • Submit your request on time using updated forms

  • Provide accurate information (correct dates/times, locations, contact information, scope of work)

  • Include a clear and concise work plan

  • Communicate effectively with Track Access and KCM Rail SME's involved in the process

  • Attend Track Access meetings or send a knowledgeable representative

  • Be sure all working under the permit have current ROW training

  • Show up to the job site prepared to work

  • Include your Sound Transit Project Manager (PM) throughout the process



Questions? Call Track Access Staff

Kathy Morgan 206-519-9163

Lauren Griffiths 206-953-9145

Molly Cornell 206-666-7259

Cancelling your permit AFTER it has been issued:

  Report the cancellation using the QR code, forward a copy to your ST Project Manager and the support craft Chief involved (if applicable)

If not using the QR code, e-mail Permit Cancellations at and your ST Project Manager (if applicable).

Must include the permit # in the subject line and indicate the reason for the cancellation.

Contact info is noted on the permit, see Sound Transit Project Manager Name and KCM LINK Authorization information

Monthly Cancellation Report - April

QR Code for Cancellation E-Mail.jpg

Craft Support Contacts


Signals &

James Sanderson, Chief

Cell: 206-503-3124


Track &

Mike Larson, Chief (days)

Office: 206-903-7723

Cell: 206-255-0482


Robert Garraway, Chief (nights)

Office: 206-553-3785

Cell: 206-945-7620

TA Site.jpg


Maria Roberts, Chief

cell: 206-677-6071


Titus Hinga, Chief

cell: 206-661-9623


2300 (11PM) Graveyard Coordination

Team's Meeting Info:

Click here to join the meeting

+1 206-485-1387   United States, Seattle

Conference ID:

183 387 520#



James Thames, Chief


Office: 206-398-5361

cell: 206-619-4488

Joe Lagonoy, Chief


cell: 206-206-7434


Christian Bishop, Chief


cell: 206-773-4895



Adam LaZerte, Chief

cell: 206-833-1983

after hours?

call SCADA Lab:


Special Requirement – Right of Way Training:

Every person who performs work within the Right-of-Way (ROW) must have current KCM ROW safety training. All persons working in the Right-of-Way must have their ROW Worker’s Safety Card in their possession. The training is available online. Cards are issued after successful completion of the ROW training and are valid for one year.

Click here ->

For questions please send an email to

Click play on the video below to learn about the new Track Access Permitting Process rolling out this Summer

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