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Kevin Gumke

Rail Training Superintendent 

Kevin joined Rail in the Fall of 2010 and has been with our Training Department for over 4 years.  During this time, Kevin has shown an unwavering dedication to accomplishing the Training Department’s goals. He plans to focus on safety, inclusion, and providing quality training programs that meet the needs of our employees and agency in the years ahead.  

Office location: OMF

Phone Number: 206-903-7699

Email: kevin.gumke@soundtransit.org

Nick Myron

Rail Training Chief

Nick Myron was hired as a Rail Electro-Mechanic January 3, 2011, and later transferred to Streetcar December 8, 2014. He returned to Link in 2020.

Nick applies equity and social justice principles that exemplify shared values, behaviors, and practices to all aspects of the work. 


Phone Number: 206-553-3893

Email: nick.myron@soundtransit.org


Stewart Keith

Technical Trainer

Stewart has a broad mechanical, electrical, and electronic background, with an eye for detail and a focus on quality and safety. He is a good coach and mentor for his students, is very affable and approachable, and considers himself a lifelong learner. His primary focus is on training of the maintenance crafts for Rail. Stewart is a bagpiper in his spare time, and loves to travel.

Office Hours: 6am-2pm

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Phone Number: 206-903-7395

Email: stewart.keith@soundtransit.org

Seth Thompson

Technical Trainer

Seth has been a part of the training team since September 2019. He previously worked with a training team with the light rail system in Salt Lake City, Utah. Seth has worked as a bus operator for 3+ years before he converted to light rail in 2011. He loved is so much that he became a line instructor so he could share what he had learned with new operators. Seth became a Supervisor in 2015 and worked closely with the training team to train new operators and supervisors. In 2018 he became one of the two supervisors that were the trainers for new light rail operators and supervisors. He loves to see people progress and learn. In his spare time, Seth loves to watch movies, play games, and do various outdoor activities with his family.

Office Hours

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Phone Number: 206-553-3692

Email: seth.thompson@soundtransit.org


Marcus Wilson

Technical Trainer

Office Hours: 6am-2pm

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Phone Number: 206-903-7773

Email: marcus.wilson@soundtransit.org

Nasir Khudaiberdiev

Technical Trainer

Nasir joined King County Metro in 2015. Prior to joining Metro Nasir was a successful television station video photographer, editor, movie director and sales team manager. He became a big fan of trains while involved in Seattle Streetcar operations and is very excited to be part of even bigger trains – Light Rails. Nasir is tech-oriented, very positive and proud training team member. He’s excited about implementing new, innovative training methods that lead to safe and reliable rail operations.

Office Hours: 6am-2pm

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Phone Number: 206-903-7199

Email: nasir.khudaiberdiev@soundtransit.org

Ajmal Kohi

Technical Trainer

Office Hours: 6am-2pm

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Phone Number: 206-553-3404



Tommy Thomas

Technical Trainer

Office Hours: 6am-2pm

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Phone Number: 206-553-3507

Email: Tommy.Thomas@soundtransit.org

Kelli Cutright

Administrative Specialist

Office Hours: 6am-2pm

Office location: OMF, Rm 302

Email: kellianne.cutright@soundtransit.org

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